About Us


So that women can shine like themselves. . .

I want you to wear Jasmine and be beautiful.

Doing yoga and exercising will brighten your mood.
May many women smile. . .

From that thought,
Leggings with beautiful patterns and T-shirts that make you look slimmer
Made with great variety and quality.

Yoga isn't fashion, but if you wear cute clothes to improve your style, become more beautiful and rejuvenated, and gain confidence, it will be more fun.

I want to start yoga but what should I wear?
I don't know if it's good.

Casual clothes are sober, but when doing yoga or exercising, you feel bright
I want to try something different than usual.

If you are like that, please use Jasmine's wear ♡
The wrinkled T-shirt covers up to the buttocks♡

The polyester material is fine even if it gets wet, such as hot yoga and marine sports! Soft yoggins use a material called viscose. In summer, it is cool and prevents sunburn, and in winter it is warm and cold.

Yoga wear Jasmine with excellent texture and comfort.

on mat off mat
Enjoy a more beautiful and comfortable stay.

Jasmine Bali store

The reason for creating the JASMINE website store

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we would like to protect the employment and livelihood of the staff at the Jasmine Ubud store (Bali), which is temporarily closed.

I want to deliver the healing power of Bali to Japan.

And I want you to wear cute clothes and feel bright and smile.

With that in mind, we decided to open a website where you can purchase from Japan.

I love the kind and warm-hearted locals, and have been going to Bali for 10 years.
My sister's wedding was also in Bali.

Ubud is a center of yoga in Bali, a sacred place for yoga, and located in a beautiful forest.

Many times I have studied yoga and meditation here, wanting to feel the special healing power of Bali.

Bali is the island that connected me to yoga.

Even in Bali, which is such an important place, the airport has been closed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and tourists can no longer come.

The number of stores that are considering closing is increasing, and Jasmine is forced to close as well.

In order to protect the staff who love yoga and Jasmine and have been working hard for a long time, I would like to apply the profits from the website to their salaries.

While I myself was not allowed to enter Bali, I bought food for the staff who supported the store, but I could not send it because the Thai postal service had stopped.

I can't hug her now or send her what she needs.
What you can do is protect your employment.

I think there are a lot of people in the whole world who are having a hard time right now.

At such times, I want you to wear clothes that make you feel bright and do yoga.

I want you to empty your head and connect with nature and your inner self.

Relax, feel the healing power, and renew your mind and body with positive energy.

I would appreciate it if I could deliver Jasmine's desire to make many women smile.

Not only for yoga, but also for loungewear.

Please relax with cute design yoggings.

Jasmine Yumi Watanabe