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navy brown soft yoggins

navy brown soft yoggins

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Soft yoggings that sell 400 units a year with a repeat rate of 97%

The material can be worn all year round, keeping you warm in the winter and keeping your lower body warm in the summer from the cold air conditioning.

It is also worn during hot yoga, etc. , as it does not feel sticky in the summer.

So much that I want to call it my second skin

Comfortable to wear on your bare skin!

☆ Because the length is made longer, people with short stature can use it like a torenka.

By hiding your ankles, you can make your legs look longer!

☆For a layered look with a dress or long skirt.

☆As loungewear and pajamas

☆ Tie-dye dyeing that does not fade

☆Tie-dye dye is made in Japan

Each piece is carefully made with elegant and stylish patterns !

★By intentionally cutting the fabric diagonally, you can stretch it out!

★Because it is dyed after winding the thread, it is exactly the same! There is no design called

★In order to eliminate the stiffness of the tie-dye dyeing, the process of dyeing, rinsing, and drying is repeated by hand! The love of a skilled craftsman is included

Repeat 8 steps over 4 days

I am particular about smoothness and feel,

Pursuing comfort


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